Creative Laughter TV – Beyond Logic Summit Day Two

Day Two of Beyond Logic Summit

Join us for an hour of inspiration, revelation, free mini-readings (you may be one of the chosen) and more when you click on the link below for the Beyond Logic Summit.  There will be audience readings during the session and our members had a blast with Jill Jackson yesterday.  She gave them information from loved ones on the other side and also explained who becomes angels and who our Soul Family may be.

Don’t worry if you missed it, there’s more where that came from and all you have to do is click to enjoy.  Zoom is the platform we use for the summit and it’s a free app you can download to your phone or desktop.  Once you click on or call in you are connected for full enjoyment of the experience.

Share with other like minds and discover how much more your intuition can do for you with a little shared knowledge and insight.  If you can’t join us live at our scheduled time, don’t worry, we have you covered.  We know how fascinating the magic of your intuitive self is for you.

You also have your choice from two other recorded sessions with additional gifted psychics you may listen to at your leisure during the 24 hours.  Scroll down and fall in – I know we did!




Anthony Mikolojeski-Psychic Medium

Anthony Mikolojeski is a Psychic Medium who takes this work with Spirit seriously. He’s a third-generation Polish American Psychic from his paternal Grandmother that he’s added to with extensive studies including the world renowned Arthur Findlay College, Stansted, England.  Anthony sees images/visions and people, hears sounds and voices, has the ability to smell perfumes, foods, tobacco all of these give him a feeling or clear knowing by Spirit while tuning in the emotional experience of the person or place. Anthony is a member of Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics.




Join the Zoom Call Using This Information:

Time: Aug 6, 2017 2:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:


Or iPhone one-tap (US Toll): +14086380968,,8566506938# or +16465588656,,8566506938#

Or Telephone:

Dial: +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll) or +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll)

Meeting ID: 856 650 6938

International numbers available:




Day Two Bonus Recorded Session #1:

Debbie McGillivray is a professional Animal Communicator and Pet Intuitive with over 18 years of experience and clients all over the globe. She is author of 3 books, “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Pet Psychic Communication”, “Untamed Voices” and “Animal Communication Boot Camp.”   Debbie is dedicated to helping people “hear” their animals, and has an online Animal Communication

Debbie McGillivary – Pet Psychic




If you enjoyed this video and wish to put some of Debbie’s wisdom to work for you with your animals, she is making her downloadable home course “How to communicate with Animals” available to you.  Here’s what you receive:

This Home Study course will cover everything you need to know in order to communicate with the animals on a deeper level. This course will also discuss how to work with specific training and behavioral challenges, lost animals, animals in spirit, holistic healing, and how to scan a body for pain. Each lesson will build a foundation for you to expand upon and grow your natural ability to access your animal on a deeper level of understanding.

Each lesson plan will have a print version in Word, as well as audios for you to listen to. We will also be adding video features soon. I recommend getting a pair of headphones for your computer or phone/iPad to listen clearly to the audio programs.  Check out all the things this course will give you in the outline

Animal Communication Class

Course Overview:nnLesson Onenn•Telepathyn•Different ways of receiving information from the animalsn•Being present in the momentn•Beginning meditationn•How to ground your energyn•Understanding the energy and essence in all thingsn•Connecting with naturen•At home exercisesn•nnLesson Two n•Sending and receiving information clearlyn•Setting an intentionn•Basic steps to help you to prepare for a telepathic connectionn•Meditationn•Finding your power animal- understanding it’s meaning and how to honor him/hern•Opening your inner eye (psychic exercises)n•Listening without projectingn•Receiving the essence of an animaln•Working with your animal teachern•Working with your own animal(s)nnnLesson Three n•Tips to help you connect easiern•Connecting with animals in personn•Connecting with animals long distance – n•Actual two way conversation/connection with your animal teachern••Helping you to overcome your personal blocksn••Handling common behavior issuesn•At home exercises with animal teachersnnLesson Four:n•Doing a Body Scann•Natural Healing for animalsnnBonus: Meditation AudiosnnBonus: Video sectionnnnSearch your heart and soul for confirmation as to whether this home study course is right for you. It is an intensive course that will surely change your life and awaken you to the miracles of life and the love of our animal brothers and sisters.nnAnimal Communication changed my life, and I hope that you will experience your own transformation throughout this course.nn

This program is normally $155 but YOU can enjoy every bit of the six week course for only $97.00.  The special offer is good for 72 hours and then we have to say goodbye.  So get connected with your pet at the perfect price.




Day Two Bonus Recorded Session #2

Krista Rauschenberg and the Akashic Records – Alicia and Krista talk about the wisdom of Guides you have on the other side and just how much they have to offer you.

Krista Rauschenberg

Krista Rauschenberg‘s work as a healer and mentor has emerged from hundreds of hours of certified training, spiritual initiations, direct experience, and deep personal work.  She has been employed in the healing arts as an Advanced Akashic Practitioner, facilitating and educating people throughout their personal healing and spiritual journeys.  Krista knows her work with individual clients and couples in their Akashic Records is a privilege. Through this work she’s provided answers that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to without the insight. The scope of the readings extends to life and spiritual guidance for those who seek deeper awareness, gentle transformation, and personal and professional wisdom.