Excerpted from E News article by Alanah Joseph’s with Astrology by Lisa Greenfield.  Read the full article and see the photos HERE.

It’s a new year and new you!

Have you been thinking about your new years resolutions and goals? Well, according spiritual advisor Lisa Greenfield, a strategic plan won’t help much in 2018.

Thanks to a long Saturn Retrograde along with a slow, steady Mars Retrograde this year is going to require impulse command,” she told E! News. “For some, now is time to act on what you say you want, rather than talking about it. For others, now it’s time to restrain yourself from over-planning and learn how to follow your intuition.”

This also affects what you’re going to wear over the course of the year. Following your intuition means being a little impulsive when shopping and buying that item that calls your name, or wearing a style that you love, even if it’s out of the box. Self-expression is key.

This year, express yourself fully so you connect with others from an authentic place,” she continued. “That’s where real relationships flourish.”

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