Monday July 13th at 5:3opm PDT join Lisa and special Guest Shannon Elhart for a bonus call on life, love, change plus what your hands and your Angels have to share with you!  Two lucky callers will receive mini readings from both Lisa AND Shannon.

Lisa makes it all about you with her expert insight into the Bigger Truth about you revealed in the lines on your hands.  On this call she shares with you how you can change your mind and change your lines – it’s all up to you!  There is so much power you can access – your personal treasure trove specifically for you, there in your hands.

Shannon Elhart is a gifted intuitive guide to connect you with your Angels and unlock the records and wisdom of heaven.  There is support here for you, and there are Angels around us, hear what yours have to say to support you.  The messages offered through Shannon share tailored wisdom from the divine for you.

Join us and you might be one of the lucky winners!  Register Here TO receive the invite, call details and qualify to win the readings. Just give us your email, that’s all it takes!

Would you like more support – my gift to you?  Check out the latest blog posts, there is so much there for you.  Wander through what works for you HERE.

This July there is a WEALTH of good options.  See what’s right for you…

Monday July 13th at 5:30pm PDT – Gift Call with Lisa Greenfield and Shannon Elhart to discuss the Truth about you and get your Angel Guidance in on the support.  Make sure you get your chance to be the winner when you contact us here with the simple message – gift call.

Wednesday July 15th, at 6:30pm PDT get a close look at your Life Purpose and fall in love with the biggest Truth about you.  What is your Genius Zone?  Where are you wired for struggle and what does your fingerprint show you about how to navigate out of struggle and back into Genius?  Yes, that’s just some of what your hands can tell you.  All the juicy details are waiting HERE.

We have the amazing Shannon Elhart, gifted Angel Reader, with a Master’s in counseling, joining the experience this summer and she has a bonus offer for you!  Those who sign up now will receive a link to a special offer page with free 20% off a full reading with Shannon (50-60minutes, recorded while we meet over the phone, answering all the questions you have for your Akashic Records) and a special coupon for 50% off her signature program ‘Happiness of You’ – this program begins again in October, so it’s the perfect follow up to Lisa’s program that you’ll be beginning soon.

Thursday July 16th at 7pm PDT you can join Lisa live at Urban Wellness in Culver City where she will be teaming with Ingrid Turner, master card reader, to share what Tarot has to tell you.  Hands on demonstrations are the teaching method, so you learn while you receive readings in the  class!  Twice the fun…  Register HERE for that.

Friday July 17th you can meet the Medium, Ingrid Turner, in town for you to enjoy getting to know how to identify your own messages from loved ones and experience readings with her as well.  Curious… You can get connected HERE.

Saturday July 18th, 10-4:30pm it’s a one day intensive on you and your Life Purpose.  What is your genius?  Where are you wired for struggle and what does your fingerprint show you about how to navigate out of struggle and back into Genius?  Yes, that’s just some of what your hands can tell you.  Your big Destiny is waiting for you to say YES and start having FUN living the life you came here to live!  Your bigger life waits for you HERE.

Sunday July 19th the week of support closes with Past Life Regressions offered by Ingrid Turner.  Do you have a pesky phobia that you can’t trace to anything that makes sense?  A relationship that won’t let go of you even if you’ve let go of it?  Past life patterns may be your challenge…  Join Ingrid and discover the story behind the story.  Your past is waiting for you HERE.

Love to have you with us for those ready to make the big leap!  You’ll be in good company.


3 Comments to "Gift Call With Lisa – July 13th Hands On and Angels"

  • Jamie
    July 7, 2015 at 4:03 am

    looking fwd to it and would love a reading!

    1. Lisa Greenfield
      July 7, 2015 at 6:42 am

      Jamie, be sure to give us your email on the contact form so we can include you in the call and drawing for the readings! Thank you,


  • Michelle Walden
    July 7, 2015 at 6:52 pm

    How exciting!

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