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    October 12th
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We all have it, intuition.  They’ve done studies at Berkeley that proved our bodies register stress up to six seconds before being shown a difficult or violent picture.  We know something shocking is coming!  Our intuition is at work in all kinds of ways daily – but how are they working for you?  How well you tune in to that sense and use it varies from person to person and the successful ones are using more of theirs then most.  I know because I read for them on a regular basis here in Hollywood.   I want to help YOU put yours to work powerfully so you can have more of the life you want!

I love using a wide range of tools I’ve learned over my lifetime to help reveal your original style, gifts and talents so you can get back to the real Truth of you.  The part of you that knows what’s best, underneath all the shoulds, the have to’s and the obligations.

The real you is dying to get into your day for more joy and I want to help you do just that.  And the struggles you have, well, when you understand your blueprint for doing things they become a road map that speeds up your getting what you want!  Really… I’ve seen it over and over and over in thirty plus years of cataloguing how this works for you.

Join me for an introductory call or Facebook LIVE to discover more about what’s possible when it comes to uncovering the authentic you that may be lost in the shuffle of a busy busy life.  All you have to do to be invited is let me know you are ready for some help, my gift to you with a free introductory group call each month.

Just use my Contact page and say Intro Call, that’s all you have to do.  Then get ready to receive the invite and join the fun.  Who knows what treasures can be unlocked for you.   I look forward to ‘seeing’ you soon!

Lisa Greenfield



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