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“We are not held back by the love we didn’t receive in the past, but by the love we don’t give in the present”.  Marianne Williamson wrote that and this eclipse season is all about healing the wounded place at our core that keeps us from joy and love.  This eclipse season kicks off January 31st, and it is a perfect opportunity to take a good look at those love wounds and do something almost miraculous with them with the right kind of insight and help.

Listen to the Eclipse Audio and forecast Here.

For those who want to take advantage of this Astrological Storm of support, you are invited to join me for an eight week class that walks you back to the more authentic you underneath the scars from the past.  What will your love life look like in eight weeks when you heal some of those raw places with compassionate, kind support?  Get to the core fear of where you are unloved and unlovable and transform it.

There are two separate classes – one for men and one for women to address the individual needs of both.  But you won’t lose out, we will have a final call with men and women together to share some of what you’ve learned and bring the wounded feminine in each sex a chance to see and recognize the other.

You receive healing play, creativity, conversation and a community of like-minded others week by week as you heal.

Peel off the layers of unnecessary defenses to get back to the place in you that knows how to create and connect from of place of joy and innocence.  The real you was born to love and be loved.

The course includes four live 75 minute calls which combine Lisa’s teaching with group discussions, a personalized outline of your original capacity to love and be loved using your hands and astrology, weekly exercises to guide your progress and a private Facebook group to share your journey with like-minded others.

Walk away with:

5 Hours of live support to help you love and be loved

Weekly support and exercises to retrain your brain to be a better container for your emotions

Tools to build a strong foundation for loving that include:

Identifying your core needs and values in relationship  and how to adjust behaviors (yours and a partners) that don’t align with those needs and values

How to clearly identify and communicate what you require to build a strong container for love

What Mutuality is and how it plays a role in feeling valued

Acceptance and how your inner work dramatically impacts how well you weather human moments in partnership

A group of trusted individuals to help you get through those tough moments and remind you of the big Truth of you.

These calls will be Thursday nights at 6pm beginning February 15th.  They are February 15th, March 1st, 8th and 22nd for the final call.  All calls are recorded in case you are unable to attend in person.  Weekly email check-ins and fun exercises are all part of the package.  Get all this when you sign up Here.  ‘Paid in full’ attendees who register by Friday February 2nd receive a bonus year ahead report to help see what you are are creating in your world this year.

Need a smaller bite out of your budget?  There’s a two payment plan, so don’t sweat it.  You can still say yes Here.

This is too important for this intensely transformative time in the world to go without loving insight and direction into just how lovable you really are.

From there, you create a whole new love story that takes you both inside and out.  It’s my joy to help you get there.  Join us and know that you have the capacity for joy and love there inside of you.  Now it’s time to bring that into the world in a healthier happier way.

Thank you,


Lisa Greenfield


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