November Horoscopes With E News

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November serves up both the dark and the blazing light in true Scorpio intense form.  Time to bring old wounds to the surface, give them proper recognition and then a burial or ritual to say goodbye.  When you do, greater joy can come through for you.  After all, we can’t block out one without equally squashing the other.

Grab a trusted friend and tell the story so you can finally let it go.  That release brings the freedom to believe the future can be different because YOU are different now.  It’s tempting to want to tell another where they’ve gone wrong but keep your attention on you.  Revenge will have nasty consequences this month so spare yourself those blowbacks.

Don’t keep track of how many tears fall over the past, let them flow and know laughter is there on the other side of the tears in equal measure.  Now see how to dress for success this November with a little help from the fashion team at E News.


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