Last August the Solar Eclipse was on the King Star, Regulus and marked a point where you reclaimed your own authority in life.  Now we have the Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse with Ceres and Juno in the mix and the unloved feminine is up for a total overhaul.  There’s just too much to try to squeeze into a single post and besides, this eclipse highlights relationship, relationship, relationship.  So it’s time to relate to each other and all the change possible right now.

Join me Monday 1/29/18 at 6pm PDT to discuss the wounded masculine, wounded feminine and how to turn relationships into a playground more than a battleground this year.  A few fun things in the call’s mix are the mirror neurons, empathy and what highjacks relationships when you don’t know how these two work together.   Learn simple reframes and ways to drop these into any disagreement for measurable results.

Lisa highlights where the eclipse lands for each Astrological sign so you know where the shake up is likely to occur and how to manage it for results you’ve longed for.  You walk away with insight into you, handy ‘fixes’ when emotions rage and the joy of discussion with like minded others.

You get all this and more when you add to the conversation when you Sign Up Here.  Just put ‘Gift Call’ in the email and you’ll receive the details to participate in the fun.  Don’t worry, life can happen to anyone – so if you miss the live call, you can still get the recording when you register.

Glad to have you with us.  Join us when you click HERE to send an email that says ‘gift call’.  Then wait for the deets to arrive.  Talk to you soon,


Lisa Greenfield

Lisa Greenfield

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