NIGHTLIGHT ASTROLOGY 2017 Fall Speaker Series and Special Astrology and Palmistry Workshop


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The Astrology In Your Hands…by Lisa Greenfield, with “TruthinHand.”

November 2nd
7:00 pm Eastern, 4pm Pacific Time

Via Live Webinar (gotomeeting)
All classes recorded for those who can’t attend live
Each class is by donation and open to the general public

Post or message a photo of your hands to Lisa HERE and you may receive a mini reading

In this class, the last of a three part series, Lisa will walks you through how your Astrology shows up in your hands.  Learn how well you access all those gifts and talents you were born with and what you can create from those gifts.  Love patterns, success potential, where you get stuck and what on earth those pitfalls mean are all there… See what your hands can reveal about YOU.


Class Three: November 2nd
The Relational YOU

How to make sense of relationships, especially the difficult ones revealed
by these aspects in your hands.  Whether it’s your family, friends, boss or the world at large, learn how to tap into the unused 85% of your brain power when you have a better map of how to get those riches out of your head and into your life.

Submit your hand for review and Lisa will use actual hand samples to help illustrate what you can discover there in your hands.  Post yours at or message Lisa on her Facebook page with private photos and she’ll assign you a number and maintain privacy.  See where your gift markings or challenge points show up in your hands.


Lisa Greenfield is the Founder of, an Intuitive Coaching business that uses the Astrology on Hand.  She brings a lifetime of experience, working with well over 20,000 people from around the globe. Her readings include iconic film stars, rock stars, international CEO’s, television personalities and people just like you. Lisa’s unparalleled history in intuitive readings goes to work to reveal untapped potential and rich personal resources that help get you into the life you were meant to live.

Graphics in the presentation done by Courtney Claycomb.

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