Spirit Guide Workshop
with Trisha Condo

 Psychic to the Psychics (and HotShots Like You)

Like Having The Truth On Speed Dial.
Meet someone with all the answers to your big questions, 24/7: your spirit guide!  Find out where your Intuition shows up in YOUR HANDS…

Ever wonder…
Why isn’t my business taking off, and what can I do to turn it around? Should I stay in this relationship, or is a better one around the corner? I don’t trust my gut. What’s my next big move?

What if you had a presence in your life who could answer all your big questions? Sort of like Siri, but for the unknown?

(Spoiler: YOU DO.)

Whether you’ve got an intuitive gift but want it coming in stronger… Or have zero psychic abilities but plenty of burning questions (and curiosity about this psychic stuff)…

It’s time to meet your spirit guide. In this hour and 30 minutes webinar, I’ll introduce you on Saturday, February 28 at 3 p.m. E.S.T. /12 p.m. P.S.T.

Click HERE to register for the call and post your hands on Lisa’s Facebook page Facebook/TruthinHand.com to receive your free sample reading on the call.  Time may not permit for all attendees to be read, readings will be given in the order they are posted.

Looking forward to sharing the time with you, this Saturday!

Lisa Greenfield


Facebook:  TruthinHand.com

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