Celebrity Hands

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Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino was at a Grammy Party and was kind enough to share his palms.  Now that was a compelling palm!  Again, in respecting privacy,I will simply state that the man has no shortage of mental ability, real flashes of brilliance.   He would succeed in several other professions that operate well under stress!  But he assured me, he is doing the only work that appeals to him, go figure.

John Stamos

Well ladies, I have to confess that up close and personal, John Stamos does not disappoint.  He is every bit as handsome as he appears onscreen.  But back to the issue ‘at hand’.  John has one of the most determined pair of palms I have ever come across with the possible exception of a fund manager who stands in front of $54 million for his work.  John’s mind is clear and uncluttered and his hands reflect that he gets what he wants and he wants almost everything.  Life is an experience he takes full advantage of and encourages others to do the same.  His passions run deep and so do his thoughts.  He can be a bit hard on himself but that has often been the signature for high achievers, they are rarely satisfied with their performance.

Dustin Hoffman

Visiting my brother on Wag the Dog, Dustin Hoffman introduced himself to me almost immediately after hitting the set.  He was charming and so fun, I asked him if he would let me read his palms.  With a gracious smile he offered them up.  While tolerant of most the reading (he is a public figure) he was intrigued enough by something mentioned to drag me over to another set member.  I read her palms and he knew her well enough to get a kick out of the reading, particularly when I said she had a hard time hanging on to money.  So we headed off, he had me read almost all the palm’s and strong-armed even Barry to hold out his hands.  Barry was a clearly skeptical, but Dustin enjoyed the reading, while Barry cracked jokes, mostly at my expense.   Considering that time was of the essence (they shot the entire film in less than 30 days) the couple hours I spent on set were a high compliment indeed.

Neal Meron – Producer Hairspray, Chicago, The Bucket List

Neal has hands every bit as creative as the list of work he has accomplished.  But he is also a very private man and respecting that, I will simply say that his creativity is not without a great deal of thought that goes into what he does.  Some artists just create from an endless stream, Neal has the added advantage of a thought process every bit as fierce as his creativity.  He is driven and not always comfortable, but look at the results.

Andrew Bernstein – Director Mad Men, House, ER

Andrew has a real gift for big ideas and a storehouse of contribution to make in this life time.  Watch for more to come from this talented man.  His hands showed some similarity to Barry Levinson as far as creative drive but came with a unique signature.  Andrew’s hands show that he has enormous mental strength and discipline.  It is a cinch that when this man sets out to do something, you are better off lining up with him even while you debate creative differences.  Andrew accomplishes what he sets his sights on and brings enormous passion to any project.

Ron Livingston – Also known as Berger from Sex and the City

Ron was being very low key at a Tribecca Film Festival party for his brother’s movie.  His hands had something of an anomaly for people in the public eye, so I had to go investigate.  Ron has a tremendous amount of instinct but pairs it with a very strong reasoning mind.  In fact he can occasionally talk himself out of good opportunities when logic outweighs those good instincts.  But the fascinating feature for Ron is that his fingertips are mostly squared off.  This is someone who doesn’t give in to public or peer pressure.  Square fingertips often have a solid sense of what is right or wrong for them and will not compromise.  This isn’t found that often in people who have to make a living out of public approval.

Harry Dean Stanton

This character actor with a long impressive resume and a lot of fire for a man in his eighties took me by surprise.  His hands were completely reversed.  His power and leadership potential showed up primarily in his left hand and almost not at all in his right.  Since the right hand is your public or active arena, typically this means someone isn’t tapping all their potential.  But he reminded me with quick ire that he was the patriarch of a very large family, he just did it in his creative work rather than in his actual home life.  So in this case his hands made it clear that his creative world dominated and actually replaced his public world.  It was the most dramatic example of playing out your gifts in individual style that I have ever seen.

The Living End

The Living End is a rock band out of Australia and I am sworn to secrecy on what shows up in a rock star’s hands.  For those unaware,  the album Second Solution/Prisoner of Society quickly became a national hit, receiving an award for Highest Selling Single.  Their manager, Rae Harvey, was game to offer up her palms and it was plain to see why she was onboard, she is clearly a formidable strength!  The team is incredibly talented and the only peek I can safely offer was drummer Andy Strachan’s family motto he uttered before letting me read his hands.  “Cautious, but unafraid.”

Chef Nobu Matsuhisa

Chef Nobu Matsuhisa was on hand when I dined in New York a few years back.  Our waitress told Nobu I read her palms and he joined our table.  He had an unusual hand in that he was very much the artist but with a practical skill as well, no surprise really!  We had the pleasure of several “thank you” creations he sent on to our table.  Very gracious indeed, since his hand held challenges I shared with him and he was clearly a private man!