Truth In Hand Services

30/45/60 Minute Hand Analysis Session


Join the high achievers Lisa works with to transform the limiting behaviors in your hands (and in your life) to gain more love and success, free of old sticky patterns.  Enjoy simple techniques of brain-retraining for abundance available right in your own hands, uniquely customized to YOU.

Celebrity Hand Analyst, Lisa Greenfield, reveals these secrets daily to some of the biggest stars of TV and Film.  Her client list is Top Secret but NOW you, too, can get the inside edge these movers and shakers do.

Work with Lisa to uncover all that is possible specifically FOR YOU, with your personalized treasure map and her expert guidance as you go through the power potential in your hands. Add Astrology for a deeper layer of all that’s possible for you.  The secrets are right in your hands, literally!

Seasonal Gift Certificates Available   Gift Certificate Sample   Simply purchase.  Include details in Special Instructions.  Download yours and print for an immediate gift that’s one of a kind that they won’t soon forget!  Customized within 12-24 hours.

You can give those you love a gift they will treasure for years to come.


Astrology & Hand Analysis

This double duty view of you offers a deep rich look at where your greatest gifts are and where your biggest stumbling blocks are.  Lisa shares your direct path through the blocks and onto the path for abundance!  Feel the ease that’s available knowing your way.

Your hands give the update on what your birth chart promised so you can access more of your talents with the greatest ease.

Feel the exhale of relief when you see the past patterns and mistakes make sense when you know what they can do for you.  Yes, even your mistakes can help you when you know what to do with them!

Work with Lisa to uncover all that is possible specifically FOR YOU when we map out your hands together.

Life Purpose / Life Lesson

How would your life change if you won the lottery?

Well, when you know what your unique Purpose is on Earth…

This wisdom is money in the bank!

YOUR DESTINY IS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS… Actually it is wired into your fingertips!   Where the greatest power rests, so too do the greatest guards. Your Life Purpose is your gift, a zone of Genius where the magic happens.  Your Life Lesson is where you are tested and the school you are in (yes you have a school revealed in your prints) is what slows you down and teaches you how to handle the power in your Life Purpose. All this is what you can see when you know what your fingerprints say.

This reading opens the door to wisdom and direction that broadens the avenues to more!  You can’t miss your Destiny, you can live it large and love it when you know what your have.  Scanned, high resolution photos or printed fingerprints are required for this reading and some of the allotted time is done before the reading in researching your Life Purpose and Lesson. Readings are 45 minutes of time with Lisa and are recorded so you can revisit your Life Purpose any time you need to hear the Big Truth of you.

Work with Lisa to uncover all that is possible specifically FOR YOU when we map out your hands together.

Couples Compatibility Reading

Are you a clash or collaborate duo?  Are you meant to harness the chemistry that erupts between contrasting ways or are you meant to braid together to get the most out of your time together.  See where the Fire can become more passion and less painful arguments, relax knowing you can trust how they think is likely to mirror you.  See where the water can take you deep in emotions together.  Lisa helps you navigate the 411 of any relationship.



See what the next year holds for you with Lisa’s popular 12 Month Tarot Reading!  Month by month you will be able to know what you are creating and all that is going into making your upcoming year the best year it can be.  Get yours NOW and see how your year is unfolding.  Both phone and in person readings available in West Hollywood.  Book your reading and Lisa will email you the earliest available appointments. (Geography is no issue, Lisa works with clients around the Globe)