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  • Aug 21st

    I’ve read hundreds of articles, posts and watched videos about this upcoming Solar Eclipse because it is that big of an event in our history.  It will take time to fully comprehend this impact, because it’s that big.  So as the next year and half unfolds, see what this Eclipse has to offer you.   […]

  • Monday is the Solar Eclipse that has been hotly anticipated throughout North America.  After all, the last time we had this action packed eclipse in Astrology, the King of France literally lost his head.  As the crowds rush to get their special glasses and flock to the nearest location to view it, I have a […]

  • Ahead of the big Solar Eclipse next week we have Mercury Retrograde stirring the pot.  World events will grab headlines thanks to the Outer Planets in the Mix and it’s a snapshot of what’s going on inside you.  The seismic shifts may leave you a little stunned or nervous yet they are nothing you can’t […]

  • We have Emma Roberts as a platinum blonde, Anna Faris and Chris Pratt split up and the Lion King debuts never before seen footage.  Individual style is bursting out all over thanks to the eclipses and Mercury Retrograde.  Brad Pitt gets a parenting makeover, Anna Farris a relationship makeover, Emma Roberts a style makeover. Where […]

  • This Monday’s Eclipse has endings, necessary endings woven through it.  Are you ready?  If you don’t know what is ending, don’t panic.  Lunar eclipses are more of an internal process so before your fear brain highjacks you, take a deep breath and roll your shoulders.  Good.  Now you can look at some of the uncomfortable […]

  • The most important thing to remember this week is no one can make you feel anything.  They activate feelings for sure, but they are not responsible for how you interpret them and what their actions mean to you.  Are you ready to really live that truth?  Because if you are this week sets you free […]

  • We are almost done with July and August is photo bombing the last week of the Month.  Maybe that’s because the focus in August is definitely going to be on you, how you do things, what motivates you and how you can bring what makes you come alive to anything you do in a day. […]

  • Are you ready for a brave leap forward?  I can promise you it unsettles before it blesses you but boy what a blessing waits with that leap this week. We have the Sun, Moon and Mars all getting cozy by week’s end to help you see your self from a more whole-hearted place and live […]

  • This week has some successful information to share with you that will be a relief and a break through or you can can just shout the house down.  The Full Moon Saturday dialed up tensions in just about everyone and there is a purpose to it.  The Full Moon definitely kicked up the places in […]

  • This week’s full moon is packed with aspects that spell shake up.  Whether it’s actual earthquakes or emotional upheaval, be prepared to have the status quo pulled out of your hands.  You aren’t being punished, there is a loving purpose behind the chaos.  How do you handle changes outside and inside of you?   The […]


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