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  • Did you notice that two weeks ago we had a lot of arrows, then last week a lot of cups?  Now this week we have a lot of bows and three sixes.  The theme is pleasure and merriment through shared inspiration.  No matter what is going on around you, this week it’s time to find […]

  • We have Neptune turning back in Pisces this week and it’s likely to bring up vulnerability as an focus point.  So often people equate being vulnerable with being weak.  It’s one of the biggest lies we tell.  Instead it is a strength that comes from the very depths of us and it brings people together. […]

  • The Dilemma Have you heard the old definition of madness?  It’s doing the same thing over and over and still expecting different results.  This Full Moon is either an invitation to break through to a new way of doing things or a cliff of madness where your frustration can be epically destructive.  You choose…  You’ve […]

  • Well the cards and stars have kind guidance to help manage your mind – it is the key to survive the celestial storms rolling around the next few days.  This Full Moon Friday has Chiron and Saturn in the mix so long-standing hurts and fears are like a hurricane brewing this week.  You can discover how to navigate […]

  • This week offers some profoundly deep shifts if you want them.  What’s served up is the core of us, back to the very starting point when we were born, and a fresh start for the masculine and feminine within you.  Our first role model for male and female power is in our parents or caregivers […]

  • May 25th

    Today’s New Moon is going to usher in change for you if you are open to it.  With the Asteroid Eris activated it’s time to add back in the feminine power of a different kind.  We’ve had the kick ass version ramped up since the sixties, really coming full circle with the advent of so […]

  • This New Moon brings up feelings that require somewhere to go.  The trick is to make sure you are tuned in to what YOU are feeling so you can direct what gets all that emotion.  It’s easy to misplace focus and be annoyed, aggravated, hurt and even vengeful with others but really you require your own […]

  • There’s going to be a pushing match between the old and the new this coming week – are you ready for it?  I’ll give you a hint on what will make all the difference – pace yourself.  It’s tempting to go for broke and break free from the restrictions and heavy weight of responsibilities and […]

  • May 14th

    What Changes How do you keep the past from repeating?  That’s the question I want to spend a little bit of time with you on between this Full Moon and Mother’s Day, ahead of a pretty big jolt coming this next week.  This full moon dialed up emotions, particularly in relationships.  There is a groundswell […]

  • Well the march to true inner freedom continues and this Full Moon highlights any place you are caught in old stories, old lies.  When you take responsibility for everything in your life and let go of thinking anyone or anything has power over you, including governments, you’ve put yourself in prison and only you can […]


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