Your Destiny Is The Journey Of A Lifetime – The Truth Of You

You are invited into our community, an amazing opportunity to do some “work” with yourself in a safe and loving environment with the help of experienced guides and ancient plant wisdom that have been in use for countless centuries.

You may already be aware of the beauty and growth to be found in such an event, but in case you don’t, here is more information…Journey work brings your trained facilitators to guide you on this journey into the nature of being and an exploration of your own personal relationship between your “self” and all things.

This work is not therapy, nor is it predicated on the premise that something is “wrong” (which needs fixing). It is a personal exploration of what “is”. Who are you? Where do you stand in relationship to every other person, thing, and idea you encounter?  How can you best inhabit your life to expand your life in richer and rewarding ways?

Added to the experience is a chance to discover your unique Destiny, written in your hands, even before your birth.  Lisa Greenfield, a world recognized expert in Hand Analysis brings additional layers of insight specifically about you to the experience.

Hands are a living map of where your choices have taken you in the past and where those choices can take you in the future.  Your path moves as your move in it – because when you change your mind you change your lines!  The one thing that does not change is the fingerprints you are born with, these are your individual soul’s Destiny, the Life Purpose, Lesson and School you are here to live and possibly love.

You have the opportunity to explore a rich inner world that creates and often limits your outer world with Lisa’s help during and even before your Journey.

Want to dive into the banquet that is YOU?

Journey Reading

There are two options for you.  In the first option  Lisa takes you on a walk through your heart and head carved in your hands, how they relate, where they battle and how to harness their energy to make the most of your relationship within yourself that spills over into all your other relationships!

Receiving this is as simple as booking time with Lisa while in journey space so you can take in the delicious truth about you and how to access more of your gifts.  Secure your Heart Of Things reading HERE.  This ensures you get a chance for one on one time around the Truth in your Hands as well as an opportunity to check in with her throughout the night as your understanding expands within you.

If you are ready to explore the biggest Truth in your hands, Lisa helps you unlock the three hidden keys to your Destiny revealed by your fingerprints.  With her expert help you discover your Life Purpose, your Life Lesson and your School, your second option for wisdom about you and all you create.

Our Life Purpose is our special gift, the sweet spot where we succeed without effort, often without even realizing the genius we have available to us.  Our School is where we struggle the most, feeling the lack and contrast until we understand how to translate or transform that struggle into good effort applied for results.  Your School can be every bit as powerful to unlock as your gift is, for it often clouds us experiencing the full beauty of our genius anchored in our Life Purpose.

Finally the Life Lesson represents your tests in life.  Remember, you can Ace a test!  This insight shows us where and how well we navigate between the struggle and the sweet spot so we can adjust and enjoy what we create at a richer level and broader level!  Powerful help when you have it ‘in hand’.

How would your life change if you brought the combined wisdom of all three with you to what you are experiencing every day?

This experience included a written guide you use with Lisa to determine these three keys for you.  Good news is you have it at hand for future explorations and further revelations!  It holds a wealth of insight into you and how you are designed to stand out and where you are meant to belong.

This experience includes a call with Lisa before the journey to ensure you are on your path and digesting with the preliminary information before it is visited in journey space.  After all, your Destiny is more than a mouthful!  You receive one on one time with Lisa as well as a chance to have the group witness your Destiny as part of the community experience should you choose to share it.

Enjoy this experience at a huge discount for journey tribe, over 80%.  Unlock Your Destiny HERE.

(Minimum number of participants required for journeys outside of Los Angeles.  If the minimum is not reached you may choose to do a phone session with Lisa or receive a refund of your purchase price. Partial refunds only on the Life Purpose once you’ve received the guide)

Journey work is the perfect marriage of your Truth in Hand and the world around you.  Where better to feel your way into your heart than seeing the beauty, wisdom, magic that is all of you?

Feel free to email me  with questions.  See you in Journey space!

Lisa Greenfield