• This week for Thanksgiving the most important thing to put in your mouth is love. As more dark secrets are revealed before the Sun leaves Scorpio, love anyway, and you will surely win the day.  The celestial light helped pull back the curtain so buried facts, feelings and Truth’s can be seen.  Much as you […]

  • We have quite a week ahead of us with the New Moon Saturday that focuses on how you use Power.   It requires more of last week’s careful navigation away from self righteous indignation if you want to benefit from what’s just ahead.  With Mars and Pluto at play, it’s all too easy to slip into […]

  • Saturn Trine Uranus is making it’s last contact this coming week and what that means to you is be prepared for revelations.  This cycle started last December so think back to what began then and how you felt about it.  Changes that are ushered in with this duo have long lasting potential but there’s a […]

  • This Full Moon packs an interesting gift if you spent a little time with stormy emotions this last week.  Believe it or not, the path to pleasure leads right through those places where you didn’t get the love and attention you wished for, starting with Mom & Dad.  The Sun and Full Moon both square […]

  • We have an impressive card line up this week with a fun complimentary energy to the stars.  We are meant to handle a deeper level of intimacy in our relationships and the way to get there is to take a closer look at your friendships.  Time to notice how you show up, where and how […]

  • Happy New Moon to you.  It’s a relationships turning point ushered in by the Libra Sun and Moon today.  While it may not appear to be a clear line and it may take some time to be able to look back and see, the shift is here.  You’ve already changed and in more ways than […]

  • We’ve got an interesting week ahead of us.  Don’t be too surprised if something happens similar to a place where you once had to risk hurt or rejection.  You may well be reminded of it, especially around the new Moon Thursday.  It’s for a good cause, my friend.  It’s not just to torture you, it’s […]

  • Oct 9th

    The Astrology In Your Hands Revealed

    By Lisa Greenfield | In News

    Thank you for those who reached out to ask me about the online class that starts October 19th. I want to be sure to answer those questions.  After all, I’ve spent a lifetime fascinated by how much insight about YOU is right there in the palm of your hands and LOVE to share it with […]

  • Buckle up, buttercup, it’s going to be a bumpy week ahead and you will feel so much better about you on the other side of this stretch.  The last couple years we’ve had this stressful aspect between expansion that comes through partnerships, great awakenings that lead to a complete overhaul of who’s the authority in […]

  • Oct 5th

    Full Moon Passion & Purpose Oct. 5th

    By Lisa Greenfield | In News

    We have quite a Full Moon today amidst global disasters and local tragedies.  There is good news and some work ahead, so I recorded what I believe will serve you best in the bumpy weeks ahead.  There is a way to find joy within you with a little support and some good conversations.  Our fears […]