• Venus went direct after walking us through a more thorough look at where we stop short of making our dreams real when we expect it to be handed to us.  We have to show up and invest ourselves to get the big rewards.  Now with Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn all retrograde as well, we have to […]

  • Well the cards and the stars want you to know there’s no place like home.  However if you are attached to ‘home’ being anyplace outside of you, there may be some seismic activity to help straighten you out this week. What you are meant to know, and I mean really know, is that you have […]

  • During this particular two week New Moon cycle, control is a big issue.  You see the futility of trying to manage things that you basically have no control over, but boy your ego sure wants to believe it can. It’s the reaction where the fear brain kicks in and tries to scare you back into familiar […]

  • This New Moon is the death knell for old drama in relationships.  It’s as if the triangles, trauma and tensions of the past have become food way past its expiration date that makes you sick if you keep on eating it. With five planets in Aries, it’s time for a fresh start.  The old is […]

  • It’s here, one of the most important weeks of the year my friend.  Are you ready to turn a giant corner?  With the Spring Equinox next week you’re likely to experience quite a mental storm, one to rival the Nor’Easters of New England.  Let’s call that the inner critic. The question is which direction do […]

  • Mar 11th

    This week there is a dance between inner resources meeting obstacles or delays that require finesse.  Still feeling the effect of last week’s Cardinal Cross and Sunday’s Full Moon, it’s important to use your strength wisely this week.  The energy is best served to keep that inner transformation going and let the outside world show […]

  • Last week’s Jupiter/Uranus opposition means we are feeling our way through relationships.  Next Sunday’s full moon line up wants you to answer the question where do you trust yourself enough to let go of control?  This week is a big step forward in knowing yourself, really getting a better look at what goes into the […]

  • Feb 26th

    We have lots of outer planets in play this week to ensure incentive and momentum for this year of Relationship Revolution.  With Jupiter exactly opposite Uranus the shock waves may make for some shock changes this week but with a few sweeteners to smooth the bumps. Whenever you are new to something it helps to practice […]

  • Have you noticed pairs are a big deal in humans?  Two eyes, ears, arms, legs, breasts, ovaries, testicles, lungs – okay you get the picture, right?  Well this year is all about pairs and partners.  Thanks to a big Uranus – Jupiter opposition that’s happening, we are going through a Relationship Revolution.  Who we are in […]

  • We have a week of the unexpected to help remind us that right now we are best served doubting our doubts.  In fact with a very busy Mercury this week we understand things in a much more complete fashion and then Mars rushes in to act on this new knowledge. It may feel a bit […]