• May 25th

    Today’s New Moon is going to usher in change for you if you are open to it.  With the Asteroid Eris activated it’s time to add back in the feminine power of a different kind.  We’ve had the kick ass version ramped up since the sixties, really coming full circle with the advent of so […]

  • This New Moon brings up feelings that require somewhere to go.  The trick is to make sure you are tuned in to what YOU are feeling so you can direct what gets all that emotion.  It’s easy to misplace focus and be annoyed, aggravated, hurt and even vengeful with others but really you require your own […]

  • There’s going to be a pushing match between the old and the new this coming week – are you ready for it?  I’ll give you a hint on what will make all the difference – pace yourself.  It’s tempting to go for broke and break free from the restrictions and heavy weight of responsibilities and […]

  • May 14th

    What Changes How do you keep the past from repeating?  That’s the question I want to spend a little bit of time with you on between this Full Moon and Mother’s Day, ahead of a pretty big jolt coming this next week.  This full moon dialed up emotions, particularly in relationships.  There is a groundswell […]

  • Well the march to true inner freedom continues and this Full Moon highlights any place you are caught in old stories, old lies.  When you take responsibility for everything in your life and let go of thinking anyone or anything has power over you, including governments, you’ve put yourself in prison and only you can […]

  • We have Mercury direct by Wednesday of this week.  This last trip retrograde had so much company (four planets turned backwards) it’s been great to unpack old dirty laundry and get it cleaned or replaced.  Take a moment and realize how much lighter you are than you were three and half weeks ago.  No not […]

  • I woke up to a video from a good friend this morning, perfect for the post I’ve been working on for a week now.  I’ve struggled to find the right container (it’s a challenge at times) to offer you this next piece of navigation.  Then the video appeared because she read my weekly Tarot and […]

  • Get ready for something unexpected to pop up this week.  I’d predict it but then it would no longer be unexpected, right?  The bottom line is can you soften into enjoyment of life no matter what is going on around you?  Believe it or not, it can be hardest for us to let ourselves actually feel […]

  • Venus went direct after walking us through a more thorough look at where we stop short of making our dreams real when we expect it to be handed to us.  We have to show up and invest ourselves to get the big rewards.  Now with Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn all retrograde as well, we have to […]

  • Well the cards and the stars want you to know there’s no place like home.  However if you are attached to ‘home’ being anyplace outside of you, there may be some seismic activity to help straighten you out this week. What you are meant to know, and I mean really know, is that you have […]