• This New Moon has us knee deep in disaster clean up on a global level. It’s a process and it you may wish it all cleaned up already.  Because there’s an anxiety that often goes with all the mess and chaos that you feel as tension in your body.  It’s normal.  It’s appropriate.  There are […]

  • You’ll want a bigger crayon box to hold your expanded creative range this next week.  If you choose to play bigger, you’ve got a lot more options on how you create and what emerges if you make even a small effort in that direction.  For those craft-challenged individuals who shudder at the thought of ‘creativity’, […]

  • Be mindful with your words this week my friend.  It’s important to be honest, first with yourself and then with those around you.  Mercury goes direct on Tuesday just ahead of this Full Moon and the Truth continues to surface.  Your focus is best spent on where to do your own growth work.  If you […]

  • We have just a few days left before Mercury goes Direct next week and here’s some tips on how you can make the most of it.  It’s time to revisit how we show up in the world to take care of ourselves.  We have an inner flood of emotions ahead of it to help us […]

  • Saturn is direct and has a lot of push behind this last leg of Mercury Retrograde.  We aren’t done with the excavation inside us yet.  This week is a bridge between past mistakes or failures and the incomplete conclusions you draw from them.  Your power depends on you accepting responsibility for your actions and choices. […]

  • Aug 21st

    I’ve read hundreds of articles, posts and watched videos about this upcoming Solar Eclipse because it is that big of an event in our history.  It will take time to fully comprehend this impact, because it’s that big.  So as the next year and half unfolds, see what this Eclipse has to offer you.   […]

  • Monday is the Solar Eclipse that has been hotly anticipated throughout North America.  After all, the last time we had this action packed eclipse in Astrology, the King of France literally lost his head.  As the crowds rush to get their special glasses and flock to the nearest location to view it, I have a […]

  • Ahead of the big Solar Eclipse next week we have Mercury Retrograde stirring the pot.  World events will grab headlines thanks to the Outer Planets in the Mix and it’s a snapshot of what’s going on inside you.  The seismic shifts may leave you a little stunned or nervous yet they are nothing you can’t […]

  • We have Emma Roberts as a platinum blonde, Anna Faris and Chris Pratt split up and the Lion King debuts never before seen footage.  Individual style is bursting out all over thanks to the eclipses and Mercury Retrograde.  Brad Pitt gets a parenting makeover, Anna Farris a relationship makeover, Emma Roberts a style makeover. Where […]

  • This Monday’s Eclipse has endings, necessary endings woven through it.  Are you ready?  If you don’t know what is ending, don’t panic.  Lunar eclipses are more of an internal process so before your fear brain highjacks you, take a deep breath and roll your shoulders.  Good.  Now you can look at some of the uncomfortable […]