• Dec 31st

    This New Year is on a Super Full Moon and offers a wild ‘wish come true’ trine window that’s truly magical for Monday Night.  Followed by a planetary pile up in Capricorn then asks, ‘what are you willing to do to make it come true’?   In other words, this New Year begins with a seduction.  […]

  • The Super Moon January first brings multiple things front and center to start 2018.  First and appropriately so, an ending must be marked.  As we move forward the energy of this year requires an adult to make the most out of all of what’s ahead.  You’ve had plenty of opportunities to step into this space […]

  • For those of you who celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas.  For all of you, I wish you a truly Happy and Healthy Holiday season.  We have Saturn, the Great Teacher, who just moved into his own sign for the first time in 27/28 years which puts Authority front and center of what’s going on in life […]

  • We start off this week with a bit of magic in the energy after the New Moon conjunct the Galactic Center.  Life lays out two clear paths ahead for each and everyone of us and this week and next are very powerful fresh start platforms.  How you take these first steps after the Cosmic Starter […]

  • There’s a little family gathering ahead and whether it’s a warm and safe place to be or whether it’s a battlefield is up to you.  I’m not talking your literal family (although it can certainly be a mirror) but rather the inner structure inside you to help you connect with others in a way that […]

  •   The picture I have this week with Saturn and Mercury Retrograde so close together is a wise grandfather walking a young child home.  This kind grandfather doesn’t talk down to the child, instead he serves it up clearly as one human being to another.  As a result you see the child stand taller, walk […]

  • This week begins with Mercury retrograde and major planetary movements that start to shake things up.  Whether you like it or hate it has more to do with how attached you are to old ideas of how to succeed, influence and experience your world.  If you are open and curious, there is an adventure ahead.  […]

  • As we head out of November and into December Mercury goes retrograde and we’ve got a Super Full Moon to go with it.  Those happen when the Moon is close to the Earth in orbit so they appear unusually large, although the size of the moon hasn’t changed.  How perfect for the theme of this […]

  • This week for Thanksgiving the most important thing to put in your mouth is love. As more dark secrets are revealed before the Sun leaves Scorpio, love anyway, and you will surely win the day.  The celestial light helped pull back the curtain so buried facts, feelings and Truth’s can be seen.  Much as you […]

  • We have quite a week ahead of us with the New Moon Saturday that focuses on how you use Power.   It requires more of last week’s careful navigation away from self righteous indignation if you want to benefit from what’s just ahead.  With Mars and Pluto at play, it’s all too easy to slip into […]